Saturday, 8 June 2013

Jeans Bracelets

I made some bracelets with leftover jeans fabric and anything I could find basically. Still hanging on to my bright colors for the summer I started to roll up a piece of jeans an wrapping some colors around it.

I made some step by step pictures with one of them, here is what you need:

Some colored threads any type will do, wool, embroidery thread, cotton. 
Metal wire if you like.
Little beads to decorate with and a bigger one to close it. But buttons are really nice too.
Plastic thread for the smaller beads.
Needle, metal ring and pliers.

Start by rolling the jeans up and secure it by wrapping it with one of your threads. Depending on the jeans it will still be flexible. I used the metal wire and some blue to wrap around. Sew the beads with the plastic thread. I used a bigger bead as a closer, made a little loop to go over it. The bead is connected so the loop will stay over it, my mum used to call it  "button on a stick" that means there is still some room underneath the bead. If that makes any sense to you…

And then made a little tassel to jazz it up a bit like so:

The tighter you pull it in the middle the better, depending on the type of thread you use you can pull to hard and weaken it, or break it. Not that this happened  to me, like 4 times. If you use embroidery thread you can brush it with a comb to make it more fluffy! Use a small ring to connect the tassel, mine is on the loop.

And then you end up with something like this.

As usual I like it to look chunky and not to machine made

There you have it, Recycle is the word!!

Wishing you all a " Gappy " weekend Chicas! ( that´s spanglish for Happy )


PS.  my photo editing skills are finally improving as well!
and I am making notes too ;-)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Blog Design

Hi there!

Yessss I am still alive and well.
LOTS of things have been going on but all good things though!
If you count working your ass of in the garden and weeding like a mad woman as a good thing that is…

We took a small holiday and went away for a week. We went up to the north of Spain.
I had my birthday in that week and I got a new mobile phone as a present, complete surprise to me!
 Looking back I could have known that he already had something planned because he did not ask me even ONCE what I wanted for my birthday as he usually does like a million times…..

What do you think of my new blog design??
I have been working on it for some time now, practicing on my test blog and finding out how to get rid of the page border ( ! ) and how to make your own social media icons etc.
It took me forever but I learned a lot and HTML lingo does not scare me that much anymore!
Today I just put it out there, thinking that getting rid of the border was easy, if I just made a note on how I did it…… I remember I searched and searched for a solution and finally found out it was just a matter of clicking something off. 
But now that I tried to do that simple easy peasy thing again…. I can not find it!!

Still some stuff to work on!
I soooooohooo wish I was better at this technical side of blogging but in realty I spend hours finding out the simplest things, and then seem forget them…..
It does not stick with me for some reason and finding a tutorial that I actually can understand makes me very creative in coming up with searches for Google I tell ya!
And you know what! I am the same with my new phone.
 I got this cool sort of side bar with all my apps in it, it slides to the side and you can pull it out if you want. It has disappeared on me twice, and I just can not find how to put it back again!

Oh well this is it, I am happy with the overall blog design but I will be tweeking it over the next couple of weeks.

Have worked on some projects as well so they will show up soon!

For now I am gonna enjoy the nice weather, no garden work for me today!

Thank you all for you patience and if you are new here…

to my chaoctic life,  A-technical bloggy
but filled with random stuff on very unpredictable times